Month: January 2017

New year… new endeavors¬†

I made mention in my last post that I looked forward to finding some quality advertising pieces in 2017. I thought I was going to get a good opportunity to get the year started with a bang. A local auction offered a number of signs and other advertising for sale the second Saturday of January. I wasn’t the only one looking to get off to a good start however and prices were high. I guess that endeavor has hit a temporary road block.

As it turned out I did buy a nice vintage child’s saddle with wooden stirrups.

It needs a good cleaning as it is quite dusty. 

I also decided to finally try eBay as a seller. Second day I made my first sale and I have two auctions with bids that will end in a few days. That’s exciting!

Today I finally found an estate rummage sale. I know it’s the wrong time of year, but I’ve been itching for a good one. 

I found a few good items.

These 70’s tin oil cans are still full and in pretty good shape. 

I’m a sucker for old dart boards and this one is in great shape.

While not my best score these may be my favorite. I found an unopened sleeve of Pepsi Dixie cups. The slogan dates to ’69-’75. I’ll keep a couple of these and allow some other collectors enjoy the rest.

I’m eager to see what the coming weeks of 2017 bring. I’d say we are off to a good start.