Month: May 2016

Memorial Day Weekend Finds

   I spent much of my day searching for that hidden treasure amongst the piles of stuff offered at the typical estate sale.  Some of my favorite Memorial Day Weekend finds were fittingly from the WW2 era.

As I shuffled through the stacks it got to me a bit realizing that just over a half century ago these items represented the sacrifice made by someone whether it was the sacrifice of the soldier, sailor, mother, sweetheart, or the individual who supported the war effort.

What a timely reminder this stop turned out to be.  Sometimes we take for granted what others have sacrificed for us.  I got some cool stuff, but more importantly I was reminded to be thankful for what others have done to preserve our freedoms.

I didn’t snap a picture but the stationary has a calendar for 1945 on the back.  I couldn’t help but wonder what could have been the messages intended to be written on it’s pages.

I love the image on the glass.

 Thank you veterans and families for the sacrifice that you have so willingly made over the years.  May God bless you all.