Etsy users, a question or two for you

FullSizeRender (8)I found this vintage tea set in a recent basement cleanout.  I think it would be a cool addition for someone looking for a 70’s look.  I’ve never used Etsy but am considering it.  I have a number of vintage kitchen items that I wouldn’t sell in my other venues and thought this might be an option.

Is this something that would do well or would the shipping be too much of a pain?  And there is a catch.  A bit of a problem.  Everything looks great except for one little chip on a cup.

This leads to my next questions.  Does this chip cause the whole set to be undesirable?  Is it better to sell with only three cups or offer the set as it is disclosing the imperfection?  Would love to hear your thoughts.



2 thoughts on “Etsy users, a question or two for you

  1. You could – in the description- offer it up both ways. With four cups, or with three pristine ones. They’re fun! As for Etsy, I recently opened a shop with these things….it’s very slow going, I feel the volume for products such as this is so high, and people only buy porcelain so often…. good luck!! 🙂

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