Month: March 2016

Monkey wrenching around

A quick estate sale stop didn’t yield a lot today, but I did pick up three wrenches.  Two were old Ford wrenches which will go with a couple I already have.

The third is a particularly nice pick up.  It is a L&N wrench.

The town where I live is an old L&N town.  The tracks aren’t nearly so busy these days but the sound of coal cars bumping one another will occasionally wake me at night.  Gone are the railroad buildings, the turntable, and even the L&N name.  CSX operates the track now and with coal’s decline you wonder if there will come a time when the tracks will lay empty.

While not a huge haul I’m pretty happy with my purchases.  These pieces represent two iconic companies who have been a big part in the history of transportation.


Hidden bonus

IMG_2572I scored this cool old cabinet about a year ago.  The plan was to clean it up a bit and list it for sale.  I purchased in through an online auction as part of a garage cleanout.  It’s very heavy as it is made of solid oak.

I finally got around to starting today.  My first step was to remove a piece of hardboard that someone had applied to the top.  I couldn’t get past an out of square back so I removed it.  That’s when I got quite a shock.  The out of square back hid what turns out to be a fascinating feature of this cabinet.

There was what appears to me a display shelf built in this side opposite the drawers.  If you look closely at the picture on the right you will see angled notches with a couple of blocks fitted into the notches.  I am guessing these would support adjustable shelves.  This explained what I had first thought was a false back which you can see in the picture below.IMG_2571Removing the hardboard back also reveled a maker’s tag.  I’ve not yet learned anything about the maker, but the tag is cool.IMG_2570This is a really nice piece of furniture.  I wish I knew it’s original use, but at least the out of square back bothered me enough that I got to find this hidden surprise.  There is excitement in finding the unexpected.

It will require some more work, but I may not be the one to do it.  While trying to determine some info on the maker I sent pictures to a dealer.  He in turn wanted to know if it was for sale.

Safty should always be a concern

IMG_2480The two Pepsi signs I picked up about three weeks ago have both sold.  The one pictured sold to a guy with the last name of Johnston. How cool is that?

My buyer was a couple of hundred miles away so we arranged to meet at a location about midway between.  I must admit that meeting someone I don’t know always makes me a little nervous. Apparently he was feeling a little concern too since he choose our meeting place in a very public place.

I don’t know that I’ve always felt the need to be careful, but after you see a few internet stories and realize just how crazy some folks are I suppose it probably pays to be a little paranoid.

I had a rather odd experience a couple of winters ago.  I went to an indoor moving sale in hopes of find something interesting while on my lunch break.  I’m not sure if the sale was being held in an enclosed porch or if it was the front room of the home.  It was quite cold even though it was inside.  I walked through the door and was shocked to hear the deadbolt fasten behind me.  That was a little creepy.  I looked a few minutes all the while planning what I would do were they to attempt to prevent me from leaving.  Turned out that there wasn’t anything very interesting and no one tried to block me from going.  I think they may have been using the deadbolt to hold the door closed, but it was an unnerving experience.

Junking can be a bit adventuresome.  I often find myself in situations where I’m not completely comfortable.  It’s probably best to pick with a friend when possible and if you are going alone always make sure someone knows where you are going.

The transfer of the sign went as good as it could have.  I arrived a little early allowing me to choose the exact spot we would meet.  The buyer seemed like a really nice guy and he had cash.  Cash is always good!


Etsy users, a question or two for you

FullSizeRender (8)I found this vintage tea set in a recent basement cleanout.  I think it would be a cool addition for someone looking for a 70’s look.  I’ve never used Etsy but am considering it.  I have a number of vintage kitchen items that I wouldn’t sell in my other venues and thought this might be an option.

Is this something that would do well or would the shipping be too much of a pain?  And there is a catch.  A bit of a problem.  Everything looks great except for one little chip on a cup.

This leads to my next questions.  Does this chip cause the whole set to be undesirable?  Is it better to sell with only three cups or offer the set as it is disclosing the imperfection?  Would love to hear your thoughts.