Blendo Glass

I mentioned in my last post that a large part of a recent haul consisted of various glassware.  When I say various I mean about any kind of glass you can imagine.  Some pieces are technically china, but I tend to lump dishware and glass together as glassware.  Some pieces can be functional while others are decorative.

I don’t buy much glassware mostly because much of it doesn’t sell very well.  I also don’t collect much of anything that falls into this broad category which kind of throws a wet blanket on this sort of pick.  There were a number of really nice pieces (check out my post “The mother lode …”) which made this an attractive opportunity despite all of the glass.

My favorite glassware was this Blendo glass salad set.


It’s a bit surprising that as popular as mid-century seems to be that many of the West Virginia made Blendo glass items can be bought relatively cheap.  I have seen several pieces for sale in the past, but didn’t know anything about this glass until my curiosity was aroused by these pieces.  What really struck me as odd was that the first bowls I saw on eBay were a chip and dip set.  The bowls were made exactly like my salad bowls.  I even found a bowl advertised as a punch bowl in this exact design.  I was relieved to finally find a salad set and to know that I didn’t have several incomplete chip and dip sets.  It is pretty cool that I also have the utensils.  This set is in great shape.


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