Thoughts on estate finds

Real or imagined all old things have a story.  Some stories are those passed down while others are nostalgic notions.  I have always had a pretty good imagination so it isn’t hard for me to picture a worn tool preforming its task in a calloused hand or a family sitting around an old farm table enjoying a meal served on old Blue Willow dishes.

Things passed down generation to generation carry with them the story of a family.  The family china, the set of silver passed down from Aunt Edna and of course the old photo album are great examples.  It is truly sad when there is no one to pass them to.

So many of the things I buy when I go to estate sales are items that once played a big part in who a family was.  The thing that I enjoy most about what I do is placing these items with new owners bringing back old memories.  One of my favorite finds and placements was an old miner’s lunch pail.  The lady who received it said that her father had carried one just like it when she was a child.

Recently I purchased (for resell) a dozen old photographs.  Once these photos where treasured by a mother and father, but now they are simply what the new owner imagines them to be.


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