Good Ole Days

How many times have you said, or heard someone say “things were so much better back in the good ole days” or something similar.  It is easy to understand how we look back on a more simple time with nostalgia.  It seems that our lives are so complicated.  Despite all the advancements in technology and the improvements to the tools we use to complete our daily tasks, our work days are often longer.  Modern devices with which we can communicate seem to hinder our ability to talk to the people around us and no one talks across the back fence anymore.

Well, I enjoy buying, selling, and collecting things from the “good ole days”.  Primitives are among my favorites and I have a number of pieces displayed throughout my home.  Reflecting on a number of these pieces, I wonder how much better life could have actually been scrubbing piles of clothes on a washboard or plowing a field with a plow pulled by a pair of mules.  They make great décor, but I can’t imagine we would want to go back to using them, churning butter in the old crock churn, or reading by the oil lamp.

Maybe we should take the best from both then and now.  Let’s enjoy the progress we have made and also make time to enjoy the simpler things of life.  Take time for a conversation across the backyard fence or a visit in the front porch swing.  Oh, by the way that butter churn looks really good standing beside the fire place.


One thought on “Good Ole Days

  1. I have an antique “shower” that is really no more than a large can with a hole in it. Nice graphics and makes a fun conversation piece, but I won’t be trading in my piped in hot water any time soon.

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